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ARC Talks About Cybersecurity and the Cloud

Source: Control Global Staff

Apr 05, 2013

Cybersecurity and the CloudMore than 100 participants gathered at ARC Advisory Group's 9th Process Management Academy (PMA) held in Antwerp on March 4-5, 2013. They shared their experiences and networked while learning from different presentations from automation leaders such as Siemens, Bayer Technology Services and SAP, among others.

Topics discusses included Continuous vs. Batch: How Technology Helps Us to Rethink Traditional Production Methods; Real-time Process Feedback; Energy & Material Efficiency Optimization; Enterprise Asset Management in the Regulated Industries. There were also different workshops to attend that focused on cybersecurity, 3d simulation and training in the process applications, data gathering and the Cloud and optimizing sypply chains and demand response.

To learn more about the specific topics covered in the each workshop read "Cybersecurity, the Cloud & Other ICS Topics Vented at Academy."