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Azbil Mag Meter's Scale Diagnostic Algorithm Optimizes Maintenance

By Fieldbus Foundation

Jul 02, 2013

Foundation Fieldbus Knowledge Center

Azbil's MagneW3000 PLUS+ electromagnetic flowmeter provides longer operation periods in scaling applications due to its extremely smooth PFA liner. This robust meter has been proven in the field throughout the world.

MagneW3000 PLUS+ FOUNDATION fieldbus converterNow, the new scale diagnostic capability on the MagneW3000 PLUS+ FOUNDATION fieldbus converter, utilizing the latest ITK 6.1 technology, provides additional benefits by optimizing maintenance timing in scaling applications. The unit fully complies with the FOUNDATION technical specifications, and its built-in analog input (AI) control function block provides process variables for regulatory control.

It is well known that flow measurement errors appear when there is scale on electrodes. The enhanced Azbil signal-processing algorithm provides an optional diagnostic capability to deal with this issue. The diagnostic results follow NAMUR NE107 guidelines, enabling the user to easily determine what is happening and understand what to do for maintenance. This solution allows earlier predictive maintenance and minimizes downtime of production systems.

For more information, please visit the Azbil website.