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Metso Plans to Maximize Efficiency in European Greenfield Waste to Energy Plant


Apr 08, 2013

Metso received its 5th order from the CNIM group to help optimize another greenfield Waste to Energy plant in Great Blakenham, UK. Metso plans to aid the energy plant into becoming more efficient and sustainable by integrating Metso DNA automation system and safety system.

Metso DNA provides one system for all process controls and plant information management. The integrated process automation system covers all plant processes from boilers to turbines. High-level reliability is ensured through an integrated, TÛV certified safety solution.

Metso's automation solutions play a significant role in managing waste-to-energy plants successfully and help them reaching their goals of maximizing incineration capacity, keeping combustion and steam production stable while allowing high availability of the production processes.

The new Suffolk waste-to-energy plant will have an electric output of 20 MWe enough to power 30,000 homes and it is designed to handle an annual amount of 269,000 tons of residual waste. The plant is planned to go on line by the end of 2014.