Endress+Hauser's Vortex Flowmeter Revolutionizes Flow Measurement

Source: Control Global

Nov 30, 2014

Foundation Fieldbus Knowledge Center
Endress+Hauser's new generation of vortex flowmeters is set to revolutionize flow measurement. Innovative but well-proven sensors, loop- or bus-power as well as comprehensive diagnostics make an instrument offering unique opportunities for process control. As a multi-variable device, Prowirl 200 also ensures safe operation and efficient energy management around the clock.

FF1412 EH ProdProwirl 200 features the world's first alarm function for directly detecting wet steam in a pipe. An inlet-run correction function ensures exact measurements even when installation space is at a premium and Heartbeat technology™ provides continuous self-diagnosis and simple device verification without process interruption. Gas mixtures with up to eight components can be freely defined. Steam and gas data are stored in accordance with international standards (IAPWS-IF97, AGA8, AGA5, SGERG, ISO 6976, etc.).

Prowirl 200 is available with a FOUNDATION fieldbus interface and field diagnostics. These features enable more efficient management of the control loop by assigning messages into four distinct categories. This allows users a quick overview of the seriousness of an event. Additional support is provided by a list of remedial actions and detailed help on addressing maintenance and repair issues. Users can modify the category assignment according to individual needs.

For additional information, visit the Endress+Hauser website.