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Emerson USB Fieldbus Interface Includes Communication DTM


By Fieldbus Foundation

Jun 10, 2014

Foundation Fieldbus Knowledge Center

Version 3 of Emerson Process Management’s USB Fieldbus Interface has been released. The USB Fieldbus Interface provides users with a convenient tool for configuring FOUNDATION fieldbus devices from a laptop/tablet computer either on the bench or in the field. The interface can power fieldbus devices directly from the computer via the USB port so no special power supply or terminators are needed when using this product. It can also be connected as a visitor to an operating fieldbus segment.

With the release of the Communication DTM with Version 3, users can now configure FOUNDATION fieldbus devices using the USB Fieldbus Interface and free FDT frame applications such as PACTware and FDT Container. For users needing a more complete configuration solution, the USB Fieldbus Interface with Emerson’s AMS Device Manager software can be utilized using the HSE Interface provided. Other features in Version 3 include an enhanced user interface, the ability to operate in non-administrator mode, and support for Windows® 8.0 and 8.1.

For additional information, contact your Emerson representative or visit the USB Fieldbus Interface website.