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Hacking into Security Networks is Easier than You Think

Source: Tofino

By Heather MacKenzie

Mar 24, 2014

We all know that our online identities need to be protected. We learn tips on how to come up with efficient passwords and how to set up password verification steps to ensure no one gets access to our online accounts, yet when it comes to securing our networks, we do little to ensure these are safe.

CG1403 water wastewater cybersecurityHeather MacKenzie wrote an article for Tofino called "Cybersecurity for Water Systems – No Voodoo Required!" In it, she talked about how easy it is to hack into some water/wastewater facility network. MacKenziesaid that even a "high school geek" can play around with the network's programming and affect your home water quality.

If you don't believe her, you should read the article. This very cybersecurity breach happened just a few years back in a mid-sized city in the Eastern U.S.

At the time the Department of Water Resources had upgraded their SCADA network to industrial Ethernet but they had no protection or separation of the SCADA network from the city's IT network.

Many argued that the lack of protection and separation had its advantages, but this also left the network vulnerable to malware attacks and other cybersecurity breaches.

Changes had to be made to secure the network and a team worked together to ensure the water/wastewater facility network was secured efficiently.

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