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ISA100 Wireless Standard Gains Final IEC Approval

By ControlGlobal.com

Oct 17, 2014

ANSI/ISA-100.11a-2011, "Wireless Systems for Industrial Automation: Process Control and Related Applications," has been unanimously approved by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) as an international standard and will be published by year end with the designation IEC 62734.

ISA-100.11a/IEC 62734 provides reliable and secure wireless operation for monitoring, alerting, supervisory control, open-loop and closed-loop control applications. The standard defines the protocol suite, system management, gateways and security specifications for wireless connectivity with devices supporting limited power consumption requirements.

IEC 62734 uses Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), adheres to the OSI model and uses object technology—all necessary to support the industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). In addition, the standard fully supports the ETSI EN 300 328 v1.8.1 European Union specification taking effect in 2015.  Current industrial wireless products branded as ISA100 Wireless already meet this requirement.