Safety Instrumented Systems

Yokogawa FieldMate and NE107-Compliant Device DTMs


By Fieldbus Foundation

Mar 26, 2014

Foundation Fieldbus Knowledge Center

As digital and multi-functional field devices are increasingly used, users need to process large amounts of information from such devices. In addition to the increased volume of information caused by a growing number of parameters from field devices, event and alarm functions issue more detailed information of various types, forcing users to identify important information. In systems without appropriate alarm settings, alarm flooding caused by changes in process or abnormal statuses of sensors may raise other problems, and so users need to reduce unnecessary alarms in their systems.

NAMUR NE 107 is a recommendation for preventing alarm flooding and offering appropriate diagnosis information to the relevant people when necessary. It was developed as a specification for self-diagnosing field devices and yields reliable results, categorizes alarms into four standardized statuses (F: failure, C: function check, S: out of specification, and M: maintenance required).

To facilitate setting and confirmation for the alarm arrangement in accordance with NE 107, Yokogawa has incorporated the NE 107 in its device DTMs for FOUNDATION fieldbus and PROFIBUS.

Yokogawa will propose various solutions using field digital technologies and develop user-oriented tools for configuring field devices.

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