Cybersecurity / I/O Systems

Bedrock seeks secure automation freedom with universal I/O

Oct 20, 2015

Following the release of its control system with pinless, electromagnetic backplane and embedded security, Bedrock Automation launched its 10-channel Secure Universal I/O Module (SIOU.10) for its control system at a Sept. 16 press conference in Boston. The release also included its Secure Control and Communications (SCC) module and Secure Power Modules (SPMs). They were available for sale on Oct. 1 and will begin shipping on Dec. 11.

"Virtual marshalling via universal I/O is the new standard for control system engineering and optimal lifecycle ownership," says Albert Rooyakkers, Bedrock automation CTO and engineering VP. "With deeply embedded cybersecurity, scalable redundancy and unprecedented technical specifications, our SIOU.10 module is ready to deliver on a new era of automation. Automation is not going to be the same after today."

Bob Honor, CEO and founder of Bedrock, adds that, "We're working to change the automation business with a simple, scalable and secure control solution that will give users and customers their freedom. Industrial automation has been in jail, and Bedrock is going to break it out."

SIOU.10 combines the equivalent functions of multiple I/O module types in one software-programmable module, while delivering embedded digital and physical cybersecurity. SIOU.10 plugs into Bedrock's pinless, electromagnetic Backplane Module Interconnect (BMI) along with the system's SCC and SPMs. Rooyakkers adds that SCC can manage 100 PID loops with advanced-control PID blocks in about 267 microseconds. It can also run 200,000 rungs of instantiated ladder logic in 6.63 milliseconds, which is 22 times faster than a traditional PLC.

The company reports that every cyber-secure channel of SIOU.10 is software-programmable to receive field input or output signals for analog, discrete or pulse sensors and field actuators. SIOU.10 channels are software configured in the Bedrock Integrated Development Environment (IDE), in which users can build distributed control systems (DCS), SCADA remote transfer unit (RTU) or programmable logic controller (PLC) functionality.