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Our Knowledge Centers bring together a range of essential decision-making resources on a given process automation topic—white papers, webcasts, video clips, articles, application notes, and more. Visit the Knowledge Centers listed to come up to speed quic

Edge Computing Resources for Digital Transformation

For leaders digitally transforming their operations to drive predictable, peak performance with minimal risk, Stratus ensures the continuous availability of business-critical applications by delivering zero-touch Edge Computing platforms that are simple to deploy and maintain, protected from interruptions and threats, and autonomous. 

A Journey Toward Autonomous Operations

Already highly automated, the process industries are poised for their next advance: industrial autonomy. Autonomy goes beyond automation by adding layers of smart sensing and machine cognition to anticipate and respond to unforeseen circumstances, ultimately removing the need for human intervention. In a fully autonomous operation, the system is responsible for all aspects of the operation–from startup through safe shutdown. This Knowledge Center is devoted to the technical advances and workflow best practices required for industry to take its first steps on that journey. Yokogawa is supporting customers on their journey with a pathway named Industrial Automation to Industrial Autonomy (IA2IA).

FieldComm Group

(FDI, Foundation Fieldbus, HART Communication Protocol)

In this space we feature the latest news and developments in the application of HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and FDI technology around the world. FieldComm Group is dedicated to intelligent devices and their integration in the practice of Process Automation.The organization's mission is to serve process automation end users and to protect the investments they have made in HART® and FOUNDATION Fieldbus communication technologies.

Liquid Analysis Solutions For Demanding Applications

Emerson’s Rosemount™ Liquid Analysis solutions help you maximize process performance, productivity and profitability by providing reduced installation and maintenance costs while improving process quality. Emerson is recognized globally as a leader in the liquid analysis industry due to their reliable instruments and applications expertise along with unmatched customer service and support worldwide. Learn more about how Emerson can help you achieve confident Liquid Analysis measurement even in demanding applications.