Level and flow controller simplifies water/wastewater applications

April 26, 2024

Rosemount 3490 controller for level and flow measurement reduces complexity, optimizes processes, enhance sustainability, and maximizes ease-of-use. It provides comprehensive control for 4-20 mA or HART compatible transmitters, and is an ideal for water, wastewater and other process applications. Rosemount 3490 is reported to be the first controller featuring simple-to-program configuration Wizard guides to simplify set up and save time. It also has a modern, intuitive graphical interface, easy-to-navigate menu structure, and backlit 4.3-inch color LCD display that simplifies operation and device-status readings.

Combining Rosemount 3490 with Rosemount 1208C non-contact radar, level-and-flow transmitter enables accurate, reliable measurements with simple configuration via HART. This lets users optimize efficiency for water/wastewater applications, including automatically controlling up to six pumps, filtration operations, sludge handling, and flow in open channels, flumes and weirs. The controller and transmitter’s robust design makes them ideal for these harsh environments.

The accuracy of Rosemount 3490’s level and flow measurements help prevent overfills and water waste. To ensure regulatory compliance, it also simplifies reports and documentation handling. Rosemount 3490 also totalizes flow measurements, calculates differentials, and uses the Internet to easily log and share data with regulators.