Five radar sensors for level measurement in harsh environments

April 29, 2024

The latest Micropilot 80 GHz radar sensors are FMR60B, FMR62B, FMR63B, FMR66B and FMR67B, which are compact and measure inaccessible points, such as dusty areas and harsh environments with extreme process temperatures and process conditions. They have integrated-assistant, commissioning wizards in multiple HMI formats, including the SmartBlue app with Bluetooth interface, which make these sensors easier to use, especially outside of hazardous areas. Besides digital communication protocols like HART, other digital protocols such as Profibus and Ethernet-Advanced Physical Layer (APL) will be included soon.

The measurement performance of Micropilot’s radar chip combines with Heartbeat smart, continuous monitoring, and performs verifications in less than three minutes while a user’s process is running. Its HistoROM mobile data memory transfers measuring point parameters without error when its electronics are replaced. This also enabled quick and smooth repairs without requiring specialized knowledge.

To meet all safety requirements, Micropilot follows IEC 61508, relies on Endress+Hauser's 20 years of SIL expertise, and can be used in SIL2 or SIL3 applications with homogeneous redundancy. Its color display provides a quick status overview, and ensures safety at-a-glance by changing from green to red in the event of an error. Systematic errors are also eliminated by an automatically generated checksum (CRC), generated from the safety-related parameters and noted in the test report. Changes to an individual parameter can be identified from the checksum, making it possible to immediately see if a parameter has been changed and speed up inspections.