Laser level transmitter for continuous, non-contact level measurement

May 8, 2024

Laser Level Transmitter (LLT) 100 provides continuous, non-contact level measurement at low cost due to its versatility of not needing maintenance or calibration. It also reliably provides precise measurements of any solid or liquid surface, penetrates dust and fog, and is rated for explosion-proof Class 1/Division 1 (Zone 1). It’s also convenient because it allows fast and flexible installation, provides easy setup functions, and offers two-wire power and HART communications.

LLT100’s accessories include:

  •        Dust tube that avoids dirt or splashing liquids on the window;
  •        Cooling tube that enables increased maximum process temperature to 280 °C (535 °F);
  •        Heated window that prevents condensation on the window (but requires four-wire power)
  •        Integral, through-the-glass user interface configuration directly on the unit;
  •        Rotating bracket that’s ideal for aiming LLT100 laser beam;
  •        Swivel flange that provides precise aiming of the laser beam, which is especially useful in liquid applications; and a laser pointer tool that provides a visual reference during alignment; and
  •        Hygienic interface by using a 4 in. tri-clover clamp.

LLT100’s process flanges include an aluminum or stainless-steel universal flange, with a flange bolt pattern that fits 2 in. ASME150 and DN50 PN 16 requirements. It can handle a maximum pressure of 2 bar (29 psi), and is rated for Class 1/Division 1 (Zone 1). In addition, high-pressure applications use 2 in. class 150 flange, 2 in. class 300 flange, DN50 PN16 flange and DN50 PN40 flange. These are also Class 1/Division 1 (Zone 1) rated, and can be used to form a barrier to Zone 0.