Rotary bin level indicator can alert to overfills, spills or dry runs

May 9, 2024

BMRX-100 electromechanical, rotary level indicator is used in solids and powders to prevent bin overfills and dry runs, or to shut off a process. It has no printed circuit board, so it’s impervious to moisture and vibration in tough processing environments. By alerting to full and empty vessel conditions, it prevents waste and saves time when handling bulk materials stored in bins and silos. It’s adaptable to light, medium or heavy materials, and is designed for materials with a bulk density of 2 lb. to over 100 lb./cu. ft. in ordinary storage and processing conditions.

BMRX-100’s red enclosure rotates, which makes it easy to ensure that conduit entries are always pointed toward the ground, mitigating the risk of moisture damaging internal components. This “conduits-down” feature makes proper installation simple, and lengthens service life. It also has a wire guide that ensures wires won’t get stuck when users push them through conduit entries.

BMRX-100 can also be used for process control by wiring it to a light or horn to alert when status changes from uncovered to covered or vice versa, as well as alert to high levels to prevent spills. It can also be mounted low in the bin to show when it’s almost empty to prevent batching errors and dry runs. These capabilities also help user detect overloaded or empty conveyors, or let them know when a chute is clogged.

Optional process connections let BMRX-100 serve in corrosive or caustic materials. Likewise, a selection of 19 steel and plastic paddles makes it suitable for light to heavy materials. Collapsible paddles are popular because they no bin entry is required, which simplifies installation. BMRX-100 can also be used as a top-mounted level detector, when custom-ordered with galvanized or stainless-steel extensions.