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Resource guide: A sampling of process analyzers

Feb. 11, 2021
This month's resource guide explores many facets of analytical instrumentation

Challenges and revelations

This blog post, "Common challenges with process sampling systems" by Phil Harris and Tony Waters of Swagelok, covers design, maintenance and hidden issues associated operating sampling systems. The post links to others about liquid grab sampling and gas distribution system optimization. The site also features a second post, "Five common process analyzer system revelations over 50 years of training" by Waters.


Emissions monitoring

This 29-minute video, "Continuous in situ gas analyzer technology for emission monitoring and process control" by Tobias Egle at Sick AG, is part of a series covering how analyzers are used to track and evaluate process emissions in the cement industry.


Gas analyzer videos

This webpage, "Gas analyzers and gas sensors," has a library of whitepapers, videos and webinars on may topics, including tunable diode lasers, using analyzers for combustion control, rethinking gas analytics, and reliable measurement of oxygen in thermal analyzers.

Mettler Toledo

Best optimization practices webinar

This webinar, "Process analyzer sampling systems simplified" by Joe Goh of Yokogawa, covers key sampling-system components and functions, examples of system designs and various types of components and when they’re used, and best operation and maintenance practices for optimizing sampling system performance.


Bias problems and solutions

This 15-page book chapter, "Gas analyzer problems," is part of An operator's guide to eliminating bias in CEM systems from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It covers interference effects, analyzer designs, ambient effects, calibration and other conditions.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Sample system essentials

This online article, "Basics of analyzer sample systems" by Control columnist Ian Verhappen, shows users how to know their process conditions by calculating dead spaces, system lag time and system pressure drop, as well as simplify a planned system and picking the right equipment for it. 


Communications for conditions

This online article, "Instrumentation: make your process analyzer smarter" by Michael Hoffman of Siemens Industry, appeared in Chemical Processing, and reports that adding communication capabilities to an analyzer's sample conditioning system can provide important advantages.

Chemical Processing

Analyzer chapter online

This online textbook chapter, "Onstream analyzers," provides an introduction to analyzers and sample systems. It's Chapter 2.5 in the online textbook, "Instrumentation for process control," at the free Process Control Education website hosted by McMaster University. 

McMaster University

Last time around

The previous incarnation of this column, "10 analyzer resource guides you need to know about," includes videos from Raeco, Agilent Technologies and and Control contributing editor John Rezabek. It also links to Ametek's classic technical paper, "The seven deadly sins of process analyzer applications," that covers historical experiences of analyzer engineering and sample handling. 


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