Top 10 articles from May 2019

June 4, 2019
From analyzers and data analytics to cybersecurity and Industry 4.0, these were the Top 10 articles in May

10. Process monitoring, analysis gain intelligence, but still need acceptance
Analyzers, sampling systems and similar solutions can improve productivity and competitiveness of process applications, but these benefits are only gained if potential users recognize their value and invest. Read more.

9. Measuring atmospheric carbon dioxide
Bela Liptak explains how the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is measured. Read more.

8. Digital twin cloud service coordinates physical plants with their virtual models
Bentley Systems' OpenPlant and Siemens' Comos used their complimentary software to develop PlantSight cloud- and browser-based services. Read more.

7. Data analytics isn't as difficult as it used to be
Many of today's data analytics tools and software are easier to use and generate useful information for informed decisions. Curiously, the main hurdle is convincing users that it isn't as difficult as it used to be. Read more.

6. E-Technologies buys Superior Controls
System integrator Superior Controls Inc. reported that it's been acquired by system integrator E-Technologies Group. Read more.

5. Large electric transformers are subject to cyber attacks which can cause outages of months to years
Joe Weiss responds to a recent E&E News article titled: “China and America's 400-ton electric albatross." Read more.

4. Control system cyber security conferences are actually impacting control system cyber security
Joe Weiss shares an epiphany he had walking through vendor displays at security conferences. Read more.

3. 5 mistakes to avoid when implementing condition-based maintenance
CBM programs are not without risk. When considering your CBM strategy, you should be aware of some of the potential pitfalls. Read more.

2. 2019 Control Process Automation Hall of Fame: Carlos A. Smith
Carlos A. Smith is the second inductee to the 2019 Control Process Automation Hall of Fame. Read more.

1. Must-Have Skills for Industry 4.0
A rundown of four major skill groups that should serve as a solid blueprint for companies that want to create new positions and invest in technology. Read more.