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Product roundup: Process analyzers

Nov. 9, 2018
Process analyzers save space and streamline sampling to speed up measurements and deliver results.

Phosphorus online is faster

Liquiline CA80TP analyzer for wastewater measures phosphorus online as accurately as a lab analyzer, but dramatically reduces time to obtain results. CA80TP uses thermal  digestion along with colorimetric analysis, requiring only a small quantity of reagents. It measures phosphorus in ranges of 0.05 to 10 mg/l or 0.5 to 50 mg/l. It has two 4-20 mA outputs with the option for additional outputs including Modbus RS485, Modbus TCP and EtherNet/IP. It also has a software-controlled safety cover.


Five components each—or two

ZP Series infrared continuous gas analyzers include ZPA general-use and ZPB high-performance models. Both measure as many as five gases, while ZPG measures ultra-low concentration of two gases. Measurable components include NO, SO2, CO2, CO, and CH4, while ZPG measures as low as 0-5 ppm. Featuring a space-saving design,high stability, and ease of maintenance, ZP analyzers include autocalibration control, high- and low-concentration alarms, remote range switching, and range identification signaling.

Fuji Electric, Instrument and Control Dept.

TOC with NDIR for water quality

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyzer with touchscreen display uses the UV persulfate oxidation method that detects generated carbon dioxide (CO2) using its highly stable non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) detector. This method and the analyzer conform to U.S. EPA, DIN, CE, ASTM, NAMUR and ISO regulations. It measures TOC ranging from 0-5 mg/L to 20,000 mg/L, features a valve-free sample line that eliminates blockages, and has an optional fast-loop reservoir for safe operation in case of sample loss.

ECD Analyzers

GC oven takes 50% less space, 17% less cost

PGC5000 gas chromatograph (GC) oven with integrated singleboard computer/controller occupies as much as 50% less shelter space than traditional ovens, and cuts installation costs in a shelter by as much as 17%. PGC500 also has three user interface (UI) options: Class I, Div. 2/Zone 2 (Div. 1/Zone 1 is also available) portable notebook PC with Ethernet, standard PC networked to the analyzer LAN with Ethernet, and a single PGC5000A controller that can control and serve as the UI for all ovens in one shelter.

ABB Measurement and Analytics

TOC in less than one minute

6000TOCi continuous measurement total organic carbon (TOC) sensor uses ultraviolet (UV) oxidation to provide response times of less than 1 minute for continuous, real-time measurements in pure and ultra-pure water. It uses conductivity measurements before and after oxidation of organic material via UV light to provide continuous, real-time TOC. When paired with a M800 multiparameter transmitter, 6000TOCi offers accurate TOC measurement that complies with all global pharmacopeias.

Mettler Toledo Thornton Process Analytics

Div. 1/Zone 1 flow switch/monitor

Model FS10A analyzer flow switch/monitor has FM Div. 1/Zone 1 approval on all remote probe configurations. It's a small, lightweight instrument featuring superior low-flow sensitivity, relay alarm trip point, analog output and RS232 interface. Depending on tube size, FS10A operates over a wide flow range in air/gas from 0.02 scfh to 200 scfh (10 cc/min to 100,000 cc/min), and in water/liquids from 0.0.01 gph to 12.00 gph (0.70 cc/min to 750.00 cc/min). It allows turndowns with a ratio up to 100:1.

Fluid Components International LLC

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