Process analyzer OPC UA companion standard now in development

May 20, 2022

The OPC Foundation is putting together a working group to develop an OPC UA Information Model for a Common Analytical Instrument System Integration. The working group will develop a model that will allow for the integration of analytical instrument systems into analytical data systems to execute analytical runs, according to a newsletter sent to OPC Foundation members

The main purpose of this model is to make it possible to compose analytical physical devices and instruments, integrate into a logical analytical instrument system and expose analytical instrument information to OPC UA applications. The group will primarily focus on liquid chromatography, gas chromatography and associated detectors. 

This working group is expected to collaborate with the laboratory and analytical devices joint working group. Together, they will develop a common model for the instrument device level, according to the newsletter. 

The first "Kick-off Meeting" of the new working group is scheduled for May 24.