E+H unveils new Midwest temperature, analyzer plants

June 15, 2017

To keep up with demand for its temperature and analyzer products, Endress+Hauser opened two new manufacturing facilities on May 31, including a more than $8-million, 42,000-square-foot temperature measurement plant at its North American headquarters in Greenwood, Ind., and a $9-million, 87,000-square-foot Raman analyzer plant in Ann Arbor, Mich.

[sidebar id =1]The new Greenwood plant is part of Endress+Hauser's Wetzer division, whose 700 staffers worldwide manufacture sensor elements, thermometers and thermowells, as well as transmitters, system components and recorders. While producing equipment for its home U.S. market, the temperature facility will also quickly and flexibly supply customers in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Chile with customized products.

“This new facility demonstrates Endress+Hauser’s commitment to the market and customers in North America," says Patrick McGlothlen, managing director of the temperature plant facility. "It shows that we are dedicated to manufacturing and providing services close to our customers."

Endress+Hauser’s new temperature manufacturing facility is expected to play a significant role in its growth strategy in the U.S. “We will surpass $300 million this year,” predicts Todd Lucey, North American sales director for Endress+Hauser. “Our plan is to go to $600 million and then $1 billion in the market we serve in the United States. One of the reasons is being able to produce for customers in the market. One-third of our business comes from OEMs and skid builders. It’s still a big growth area for us. Size and space constraints are issues, so we’ve got modular solutions that are designed for OEMs and skid builders.”


Further north in Michigan, expansion of the Raman analyzer manufacturing plant in Ann Arbor took nearly a year, but it more than doubles the facility's floor space. This will help Kaiser and its roughly 100 employees worldwide gear up for coming growth. Endress+Hauser reports its plant expansion will help it pursue a strategy of using advanced analytical engineering in process applications and supporting users in lab and process fields.

Kaiser Optical Systems, part of the Endress+Hauser Group since 2013, manufactures Raman spectroscopy devices at the facility. The analyzers, which are designed for examining the composition and material characteristics of solids, liquids and gases, are deployed in process and laboratory applications.

“This expansion will let us to produce our analyzers in even higher volumes and with the quality demanded by our customers worldwide," states Tim Harrison, managing director of Kaiser Optical.