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Top 10 instrument calibration resources

July 27, 2021
A wealth of online videos and other resources address the fundamentals of instrument calibration

Best practices for power

In this one-hour video, "Calibration: process control meets reliability," experts from Beamex discuss the importance of calibration to process control and define the critical components of a sound calibration program, including traceability, uncertainty, intervals and tolerances. It also covers best practices for an efficient calibration program, and demonstrates how to perform and document calibration in a power plant.

Calibration essentials

This online article, "About calibration" from Fluke, defines calibration and the international system of units (SI), and covers interoperability, uncertainty, the traceability pyramid, how to get SI into industry, and accreditation and certificates, examples and resources. 
Fluke Calibration

Avoiding common mistakes

Two, 90-minute videos, "How to avoid the most common mistakes in field calibration," by ISA and Beamex, cover the proper processes, tools and parameters for each instrument application to ensure valid results, and reveal the easiest-to-make mistakes and how to avoid them, so users can be confident in their calibration results. They're at www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrgWZPN0iSI and at www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKxPNi8gHmQ&t=0s
International Society of Automation

Traceability, accreditation

This 12-minute video, "Calibration, traceability and accreditation for flow measurement technologies," defines and explains what lies behind these basic calibration terms. 

Blog on instrument basics

This brief post, "Basics of process control instrument calibration" at the Industrial Steam, Valve and Process Control Blog, provides a concise summary of the concepts, requirements and value of calibrating process control instruments. 
Mead O'Brien

Temperature measurement and calibration

This 39-minute video, "Introduction to temperature measurement and calibration" from Transcat and Fluke Calibration, covers the best devices to use for temperature measure and when to calibrate them. 
Fluke Calibration

Belt-scale conveyor calibration

This four-minute video, "Performing a zero and span calibration on a belt scale system" from Siemens, shows users how to perform regular zero and span calibrations to ensure optimal performance of their belt scale conveyor. The demonstration in the video uses an MSI belt scale and a Milltronics BW500 integrator. 

Fundamentals, definitions

This online article, "Basic principles of instrument calibration" is just one of several enlightening entries at the Learning Instrumentation and Control Engineering website. This one defines calibration, reasons for doing it and many common terms, and includes links to the other entries. 
Instrumentation Toolbox

Test, measurement series

This nine-minute video, "Why Calibrate? What is calibration?—Test and Measurement Equipment (1 of 7)" is the first in a seven-module series presented by Bob Stern, senior metrologist at Agilent Technologies, who answers the most common questions he's heard about the essence of calibration. 
Keysight Calibration & Repair

The file last time

The previous incarnation of this column, "Calibrator resources keep it real" by Jim Montague in the Jan. '20 issue of Control includes descriptions and links to more documents, videos and other educational materials. 

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