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Product roundup: Calibrators get a boost

July 16, 2020
Refinements, innovations, supportive PCs and software advance verification and reliability
Temperature measurement, simulation

MC6-T temperature calibrator provides high-accuracy measurements and simulations for temperature, pressure and electrical signals, and communicates with HART, Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus. Its metrological performance, shortened calibration cycle time and design for immunity to environmental conditions give MC6-T functions and versatility that are reported to be unmatched. Combined with the supplier's calibration software, MC6-T provides a fully automated and paperless calibration process.


Sources, simulates, measures signals

754 documenting process calibrator with HART communication sources, simulates and measures pressure, temperature and electrical signals with one handheld device. It handles RTD transmitters and PLCs with pulses as short as 1 ms, and will hold up to a full week of test data and calibration results. It measures volts, mA, TDs, thermocouples, frequency and ohms, and sources/simulates volts, mA, thermocouples, RTDs, frequency, ohms and pressure.


Streamlined pressure calibration

Calibrator CA700 pressure calibrator is an efficient, dependable, durable standard for maintaining transmitters. It's capable of streamlining pressure calibration with features, including as-found and as-left routines, data logging and USB storage. Calibrator CA700 integrates with FieldMate devices to create a solution that simplifies field setup, calibration and reporting. It's also reported to have best-in-class accuracy of 0.01%, IP54 water and dust protection, and pressure modules that handle up to 2,300 psi. 

Yokogawa Corp. of America

Verifies flowmeter performance

Sitrans FM Verificator performs verification and performance checks according to patented principles, which allows traceable and transmitter-independent flowmeter balancing. It's automatic, so no manual adjustment or data entry is required, and it generates a verification report, confirming that meter performance conforms to ISO 9001 quality standard and ISO 14001 management standard. It has an RS-232 galvanically isolated output, and operates at -20 to 50 °C (-4 to 122 °F).


Wireless sensor node for motors

DX80 series all-in-one vibration and temperature sensor and Q45VA wireless sensor node from Banner Engineering let users calibrate motor functions and performance using real-time and historical data. Q45VA eliminates the time, labor and expense of installing separate sensors and nodes, and works with connected data solutions and cloud software to create an end-to-end IIoT solution that enables users to identify and resolve problems more quickly while making better, data-driven decisions.

Digi-Key Electronics

Hart kit for hazardous areas

HART communicator kit for hazardous areas has CSA, ATEX, and IECEx certifications. It runs on ecom Tab-Ex series Android tablets, and uses a Viator HART modem, and DevComDroid DD-based smart communicator Android app on the tablet. HART communicator kit examines and evaluates sensors, networks and other devices at less than the price of a traditional HART communicator. Beyond the DevComDroid app, others are available from the ecom instruments website or from Google Play.


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