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Calibrator resources keep it real

Feb. 3, 2020
Control's monthly resource guide brings you invaluable industry information to stay up to date on the latest trends and developments.

Beamex webinar library

The resources section of Beamex's website includes links to recordings of almost a dozen webinars on calibration. Topics include automation and digitalization, advanced techniques based on loop testing, using statistics for uncertainty, hazardous areas, reliability, documentation and avoiding mistakes. There's also a video about best calibration practices based on an interactive workshop at Harvard University, and links to other videos.


Field eBook via email

One of the latest of Control's State of Technology ebooks, "Field calibrators and field device management," covers several topics, including validation in lieu of calibration, instrument specification and calibrator communications. It's available via email after filling out a very brief registration. 


Literature and tools

The literature/education and tools sections of Fluke Calibration's website include many explanations and resources. The tools area includes a Q&A section, reference materials, selection recommendations for pressure and temperature calibrators, and links to other materials. The literature/education section also has a Q&A with extensive definitions of international units, traceability, accreditation, certificates, uncertainty, calibration software, performance steps, examples and other resources. 


Sensor calibration issues

This nine-minute video, "What is sensor calibration and why is it important?" by Scott Sommers, automation engineer at RealPars, covers basic errors, as-found and hysteresis checks, and other issues. An online article offers further information.


In-depth eBook from ISA

A 60-page ebook, "Calibration essentials" by Mike Cable of Argos Therapeutics and Ned Espy of Beamex, includes a guide on how to manage a calibration program; overviews of considerations, such as tolerance errors and uncertainty; practice scenarios and solutions; and an in-depth look at smart instrumentation and WirelessHART instruments. The book can be downloaded at https://automation.isa.org/in-depth-guide-calibration-process-industries-industrial-automation and at https://resources.beamex.com/en-us/calibration-essentials-e-book


Pressure instrument video

This five-minute video, "How to calibrate pressure instruments" from Mensor, shows how to perform a pressure calibration on a digital pressure gauge using an automated pressure controller, but its methods can be applied to calibrating pressure sensors, transducers, transmitters or any pressure measuring device.

Mensor LP, part of Wika Group

Calibrating analyzers

An online article/blog post, "How to calibrate an analyzer in an analytical instrumentation system" by Tony Waters, sampling systems expert and instructor, covers system design, calibration limitations, atmospheric changes and validation. 


Back to basics in the field

This seven-minute video, "Back to basics: calibration" by Jim Montague, Control executive editor, covers field instrument calibration, which has been misunderstood and sometimes misused, and can lead to costly lawsuits. It reports that knowing what field instrument calibration is and what the pitfalls are can save users time and money. 


Best of before

The last time Resources covered calibration, "Calibration education," Jan. '17, p. 32, included links to more documents, videos and other materials. 


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