New Calibration Tools Improve Safety and Efficiency

Sept. 12, 2009
Device Calibration Becomes More and More Demanding Every Day
This article was printed in CONTROL's September 2009 edition.

Getting essential calibration speed, accuracy and safety is not easy. "One supervisor said,  'I'm expected to calibrate more devices every year in a fixed time, turn-around cycle with technicians I don't have,' ” says Kim Anderson, regional sales manager for FasTest.

HPB sleeve-activated compression fittingTo address this issue, FasTest has added two new tools to its FasCal line of calibration connection tools. The sleeve-actuated HPB connectors for Swagelok and Ferulok and similar compression fittings attach to NPT pipe threads by simply pushing on the fitting. Pull the sleeve away from the connection to release it, eliminating  the need for wrenches and avoiding the danger of over-tightening and thread damage. The seal is leak-proof, eliminating the need for tape or thread sealants. The non-twist design reduces operator fatigue and carpel tunnel injuries.

The HPB is 4 in. long and 1.62 in. high, rated for up to 5000 psi, and features a safety interlock to prevent disconnections at unsafe pressures. It's available in Swagelok sizes ¼ in. (7/16-20), 3/8 in. (9/16-20) and ½ in. ( 3/4-20) and Ferulok  sizes ¼ in. (7/16-20), 3/8 in. (9/16-18) and ½ in. (3/4-16).

FasTest level-actuated connector.The FasTest lever-actuated connector has an extended nose that allows technicians to calibrate a port with the co-planer bolts in place. Just squeeze the lever and insert the connector into a ¼ in. threaded port and then release for an instant leak-tight and high-pressure connection.

The lever-actuated connectors are compatible to ¼ in. NPT and ¼ in. (IEC 61518) 2.126 (54) process flange ports. Their instant connections up to 5000 psi also eliminate the need for tape, sealants and wrenches and the risk of damage to threaded parts. Both the HPB and the lever-actuated connectors are available either individually or as part of the FasTest calibration kits. 

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