Calibration Software Assures Data Validity

July 11, 2003
Beamex's CMX

Smart calibrators can automatically store calibration data and make it accessible via a communications port and often via a wireless infrared data link. Unfortunately, many plants still transfer data to calibration data storage software manually or rely on totally manual systems for data storage.

These plants might want to consider an automated storage and retrieval package like CMX software from Beamex. CMX is the company's latest generation of calibration maintenance management software, the successor to QM6-Quality Manager and to CALDB/HISDB. Those products are currently installed in more than 2,000 applications worldwide and have been in use since 1986.

Along with automated data communications with smart instrument calibrators, the PC-based CMX software program includes many other functions such as multilevel plant structure support; tracking of loops, positions and devices; and scheduling of calibration maintenance work.

"Automating calibration, test, and documentation procedures significantly increases productivity, and assures the validity of data," says Sami Koskinen, Beamex software product manager.

One of the keys is eliminating manual data entry. CMX communicates with Beamex calibrators as well as models from Fluke, Druck, and others. In addition to retrieving and storing calibration data, CMX can also download text information to instrument calibrators.

The software is built on Microsoft's .Net technology and features full support for new generations of .Net applications. "CMX's smart client application model combines the power and flexibility of the rich client model with the ease of deployment and stability of the browser-based model," says Koskinen.

CMX is provided with a SQL server database, and information can also be transferred to and from other compliant databases such as Oracle and dBase. CMX also supports XML and other interconnectivity tools to allow flexible integration with other information systems.

Through .Net, CMX supports smart client and client-server technologies. This open technology allows data entry and access via any standard web browser.

Automated data retrieval from smart instrument calibrators is one of the key features, but the program also supports manual data entry. When "dumb" calibrators are used, CMX can generate custom forms to standardize manual recording of calibration parameters.

For more information call 800/888-9892 or see www.beamex.com.

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