HART Communication Foundation Seeks End-User Application Stories

Oct. 16, 2012
Submit your end-user application story online and get a complimentary Leatherman Kick multi-tool

The HART Communication Foundation is looking for end-users that want to share their stories about applications that demonstrate the use of the HART Communication Protocol beyond device configuration and routine device diagnostics. As an incentive, The HART Communication Foundation is giving away a Leatherman Kick multi-tool to users who provide details of those applications. Users are asked to complete a simple online questionnaire and, if their application uses HART Communication for full-time access to valuable device and process information, they will be eligible to receive a complimentary Leatherman.

Ron Helson, Foundation executive director for The Foundation says that one of today's business challenges is finding better ways to do more with the assets and devices you already have. "If a plant is using HART technology to meet that challenge, we want to know about it, says Helson.

What The Foundation  wants to kow is how end-users are using HART Communication—wired or wireless—to improve performance and reduce costs. Information submitted (at www.hartcomm.org) will be reviewed by the Foundation and stories that demonstrate innovative application of the technology beyond device configuration may be selected to receive a Leatherman Kick multi-tool.