Jofra industrial pressure indicators receive ATEX certification

July 23, 2008

Largo, Fla.--Ametek Calibration Instruments announces that the Jofra range of industrial pressure indicators (IPI) is now ATEX- and CSA-certified for use in potentially explosive environments in the field or in calibration laboratories. ATEX is the primary intrinsically safe standard in the European Union, while CSA refers to relevant Canadian and U.S. standards.

Accurate to ± 0.05% FS, the Jofra IPI can be used as a calibration reference or in applications where high-accuracy pressure measurement is required from safety valve checks to system-pressure verification. This new certification will allow the IPI to be used in any industry where there is a risk of flammable gases. These include oil refineries, off-shore platforms, chemical plants, gas production plants, oil and gas shipping, pharmaceuticals and in whisky distilleries.