Fluke receives TDAP certification from VDE

June 17, 2006
The company's Safety and Environmental Laboratory has been awarded qualified site status for testing conformity to the IEC 61010 standard.
Fluke Corporation has announced that its Safety and Environmental Laboratory is now certified by VDE’s Test Data Acceptance Program (TDAP), becoming one of approximately 50 companies worldwide to receive this certification.

This allows Fluke to conduct comprehensive testing for compliance to EN61010-1 (the IEC standard for safety compliance for Test and Measurement Equipment), EN61010-031 (the IEC standard for handheld probes assemblies) and EN61001-2-032 (the IEC standard for current clamps). VDE (The Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies), headquartered in Germany, was founded in 1893 and has evolved into one of the largest technical and scientific associations and well-regarded regulatory agencies in Europe.

“To qualify for a VDE mark, without TDAP Certification, products must be sent to Germany for Certification. Now that Fluke has received VDE TDAP certification, we can conduct the entire suite of EN61010-1 requirements within our own laboratory and submit the report for VDE approval,” said Larry Eccleston, quality manager for Fluke. “This certification is an acknowledgement of Fluke expertise and quality, and enables us to improve efficiency, externally verify our laboratory quality and improve Fluke’s overall product life cycle.”

TDAP certification is a process requiring demonstrated proficiency prior to admittance into the program. Candidates must demonstrate competency:

  • Through complete knowledge of the standard and test procedures.
  • By having a fully-equipped laboratory capable of effectively completing the required testing.
  • By keeping calibration eminence records.
  • By providing proof of qualified education or training credentials for laboratory staff conducting the tests.