Itron books order with Hydro-Quebec for 30,000 AMR-equipped electricity meters

Nov. 4, 2004

Itron Inc. has signed a contract worth nearly $2 million with Hydro-Quebec to deliver 30,000-plus AMR-equipped solid-state electricity meters. The meters are scheduled to be delivered between now and the end of March, 2005.

Hydro-Quebec will purchase CENTRON C1SR meters factory-equipped with integrated AMR technology to support residential metering applications. The meters will help the utility face growth challenges while reportedly increasing efficiency and productivity.

Itron's AMR-equipped electricity meters enable utilities to collect advanced metering data via wireless communication networks. Utilities can then use that data to support a wide variety of customer service and energy delivery applications, such as time-of-use rates, demand response and asset management.

Recent changes in Canadian regulations have proven to be more favorable for advanced metering. In August, Itron announced that it had received accreditation from Measurement Canada to inspect and seal electricity meters at the company's Oconee, S.C., factory for shipments to Canadian utilities. Itron is the first company outside of Canada to gain such accreditation.

In addition, Measurement Canada has granted the electronic singlephase meter a 10-year initial seal period, allowing the meter to remain in the field for 10 years prior to sampling for accuracy.