Echelon and Gorlitz Establish Partnership for European Utility Solutions

Sept. 30, 2004

Gorlitz to Integrate Echelon’s NES Advanced Metering System into it’s European Metering Market Solutions

An agreement has been signed under which Gorlitz will base its entrance system offering for the residential metering market on Echelon's networked energy services (NES) system. Gorlitz is a supplier of automatic remote reading, data transmission, and data gathering and preparation systems for utilities serving the European commercial and industrial sector. More than 350 European utilities in 14 countries have installed their control systems and devices.

"As energy markets across Europe liberalize in response to EU directives, the demand for smart energy management systems is growing rapidly," said Martin Gorlitz, CEO. "It is becoming critical for utilities to have systems in place that provide them with the information and control they need to make smart decisions. Our EMETRION meter portfolio extends the existing EDW3000 and Skalar metering system platforms with next-generation integrated meter solutions. Echelon's NES system, with its suite of metering services, allows us to expand into the high-volume metering market."