Gas Analyzers Deliver Payback in Eight Months

Aug. 20, 2004

A major industrial gas producer has upgraded six gas purity analyzers to Servomex 4100 models and payback has been achieved in just eight months, according to Servomex.

Whereas the old instruments required recalibration daily, the new units require only weekly or bi-weekly recalibration. This has reduced the total number of calibration gas cylinders used from 134 to 20 - equating to an annual cost saving in excess of US$22,000. Labor for recalibration is estimated to have been cut by half, which is worth US$50,400 annually. In addition, avoided maintenance is believed to be saving US $7,200 per year. With total annual savings of US $80,400 and a project cost - including analyzers, installation and start-up - of US $49,500, the payback is calculated to be less than eight months.