May 20, 2005
Sensors detect a variety of metals from far distances

Uprox+ Sets a New Standard for Metal Detection
Uprox+ sensor line that will set a new standard for metal detection. Uprox+ sensors are capable of precisely detecting materials such as iron steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and brass at incredible sensing distances without a reduction in the rated sensing distance of the sensor. Uprox+ sensors offer unrivalled performance due to a newly patented multicoil system. This multicoil system replaces the wound coil found in conventional ferrite core inductive sensors, resulting in extraordinary sensing distances (up to 250 percent higher) and the flexibility to incorporate this technology in a variety of unique housing designs.

Uprox+ sensors also feature an integrated predamping protection function to reduce the metal free mounting area in applications. This allows traditionally flush mounted sensors to be recessed by half a turn for increased mechanical protection. Non-flush mounted sensors may be embedded in metal up to the outer edge of the thread on barrel style sensors and on all four sides of rectangular style sensors, causing only a slight reduction in sensing distance.

All Uprox+ proximity sensors adhere to the present EN50082-2 standard, yet they also exceed the strict provisions required by EN61000-4-6: an integral part of industry standards by the year 2006 and beyond. This protects against conducted interference from frequency converters, and other sources that produce a high level of EMI. Uprox+ sensors provide a product that incorporates a multitude of sensing requirements; whether for the automotive industry, machine engineering or for transport and handling applications, Uprox+ sensors are capable of replacing several conventional proximity sensors.

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