Mettler Toledo's Modulo System

Oct. 26, 2004
Fast, accurate, modular; pick any three
Modulo System Ideal for a Variety of Industrial Applications
Modulo system for a variety of industrial applications is designed to provide split-second, high-precision weighing even in the milligram range, and especially in harsh environments on the plant floor. Modulo units can be integrated into an existing process, allowing immediate evaluation of measured parameters, while sequential weighing is concurrently done outside of the process. The system can be used to determine, in fractions of a second, whether a pellet, a molded article, a sinter piece or subassembly, meets weight-based quality criteria. Available in two product lines, the Modulo WM module covers a weight range of 120 g to 6 kg at a resolution of 0.1 mg to 0.01 g and the WMH platform is available in sizes from 15 kg x 0.1 g up to 600 kg x 10 g. The WMH platform is rated IP67. The system communicates with Profibus DP, DeviceNet, and Ethernet via accessory modules, and allows direct data transfer via RS232 or 422. Cava reports no terminal is required, and the system is fully compatible with other Mettler Toledo hardware and software products. Mettler Toledo: 800-523-5123;