New tool streamlines DP flowmeter selection

July 20, 2020
Guided online experience features side-by-side comparison, visual configurator and collaboration capabilities

One key aspect of the differential pressure (DP) flowmeter’s enduring appeal and popularity is its simplicity in operation. But given the diversity of variations developed to suit just about any industrial application, choosing the best option, sizing it correctly and pairing it with the appropriate accessories is often a time-consuming, iterative task.

Further complicating engineering and procurement processes, the current range of software tools often assume a considerable level of familiarity by the user. Each type of instrument has its own discrete piece of engineering software, making it difficult to compare options or share instrumentation specifications and associated analyses with other team members. Email is often the non-ideal default.

Emerson Automation Solutions, an industry pioneer in applying user-centered design principles to its products, has now turned its attention to improving these all-important first steps in a DP flowmeter’s lifecycle.

“For a lot of applications, we’re at a point where the accuracy or performance of several DP options is good enough,” says Dan Cychosz, manager of DP flow product management. “It’s easier to get to the technologies that will work, but harder to choose amongst them. We been asking ourselves, how do we make the purchase process easier?”

Guided experience plus collaboration

Enter the company’s new and aptly named “DP Flow Sizing & Selection Tool.” The cloud-native application is part of MyEmerson.com, a portal where Emerson is seeking to unify and streamline many aspects of its relationships with its customers. “Bringing the software to the cloud allows the same functionality but greatly improves the experience,” notes Cychosz. “Now, with MyEmerson you can readily share among colleagues the most up-to-date specifications, quotes, etc. Rather than relying on email, they’re immediately available to whoever you’ve shared the project with.”

Another of the key differentiators of the new tool is a guided experience that walks the user through the entire process. Within the application, a right-hand summary pane with color-coded bars notifies the user of completed fields and identifies required data that has not yet been entered. Further, one can compare up to three Rosemount DP flow products side by side to determine the best fit based on parameters such as accuracy, permanent pressure loss, straight pipe run requirements and ease of installation. It also generates exportable calculation data sheets and flowmeter accuracy reports on demand (see accompanying photo). These graphical reports allow one to visually compare the estimated total system performance of various accuracy class options.

When it comes time to settle the final details of one’s order, a visual configurator builds the selected product options onscreen, and helpful prompts ensure a complete and accurate model number. Then, generate a quote request or place an order by adding the configured products to your cart.

Gain complimentary access to the “DP Flow Sizing & Selection Tool” by visiting Emerson.com/RosemountDPFlowSizing and sign up for a free MyEmerson account at MyEmerson.com.

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