Flow Technology

Feb. 8, 2010
The Latest Products for Measuring and Tracking Flow
Flexim's Fluxus F601 portable clamp-on flowmeter with a NEMA 4X housing enables non-invasive flow measurement with ultrasound. Clamp-on transducers are fixed on the pipe; no process interruption is needed for commissioning. Only two transducer pairs are needed to cover the diameters most common in industrial applications (1/2 in. to 96 in. OD), the full transducer range covers ¼ in. tubing to 20-ft penstocks. The Lithium ion battery is good for 14+ hours of measurement.  
Omega Engineering
Omega's new, low-cost ($100) FSW300 series of flow switches has an adjustable switch point, low pressure drop, instant response and high repeatability. This CE-compliant device is comprised of a paddle system with a permanent magnet attached; above that magnet is a reed contact, located outside the flow of fluid. A second magnet with opposing poles creates the force necessary to reset the switch back to the no flow position. Perfect for water and chemical industries.
Swagelok variable-area flowmeters (VAFs) are used to measure liquid and gas flow rates by means of a tapered tube and float. They provide highly accurate measurement with individually calibrated scales and a 10:1 turndown ratio. They are fitted with glass or metal measuring tubes. All models are easy to install and have no wearing parts to help extend product life. Swagelok VAFs are available with NPT and flange end connections in sizes from 1/8 in. to 11/4 in. Available options include high/low flow indicators, transistor relays and 4mA to 20mA analog outputs.
AXR is the world's first two-wire magnetic flowmeter which employs an advanced "dual-frequency excitation" method that cancels process generated noise without sacrificing response time. ADMAG AXR can be installed in a loop-powered system that eliminates the need for a second conduit run, extra wiring, a separate power supply and additional engineering, drastically reducing the installed cost of the meter. In addition, it has a full dot-matrix LCD display, an electrode adhesion level diagnosis function and multi-lingual capabilities.
Endress + Hauser
The world's first Coriolis mass flowmeter for EtherNet/IP, the Promass 83 measures mass flow, density and viscosity. The device is also capable of measuring gasses. The EtherNet/IP interface gives users direct access to device data without additional configuration or programming. For the end user, the primary advantage will be simplicity and speed of integration. Some protocols require additional remote I/O devices and a separate fieldbus protocol to handle communications; with this new device variant, these are now unnecessary.
Sierra Instruments
Smart-Trak 2 is a redesign of the Series 100 digital mass flowmeters and controllers. Expanded functionality includes high accuracy and great flexibility in multiple gases, Dial-A-Gas Technology, in-field adjustable calibration, a Pilot Module (mounted or hand-held) that lets users view and change critical control functions in the field, frictionless-hovering direct-acting control valve technology, and Modbus RTU networking capability.
Fluid Components International
The advanced ST75 Flowmeter is ideal for the measurement of CO2 in a variety of industrial applications. It is designed for line sizes from 0.25 in. to 2.0 in. (6 mm to 51 mm) and provides three unique outputs: the mass flow rate, totalized flow and media temperature. With accuracy to ±1% of reading and ±0.5% repeatability, the ST75's design includes media temperature compensation to ensure performance under variable process and plant temperature conditions. The ST75 has a rugged sensing element with all-welded 316 stainless-steel construction and Hastelloy-C tips. The ST75 has a rugged, all-metal, dust- and water-resistant NEMA Type 4X (IP66)-rated enclosure.
Emerson Process Management 
Rosemount 8800D CriticalProcess vortex flowmeter, a new offering to the vortex flowmeter family, is designed to increase plant availability and enhance overall safety. The vortex sensor is isolated from the process, allowing users to verify the performance of the sensor while providing an added level of safety on critical applications. The vortex sensor in the 8800D CriticalProcess vortex flowmeter makes it possible to verify the performance of the sensor without requiring a process shutdown, greatly increasing process availability.
Waterflux 3070, electromagnetic meter with a 15-year battery life for applications in the water and wastewater industry, includes an optional GSM module for remote transmission of measurement data and status information. With short inlet and outlet installation requirements, it can be installed in very narrow wells and chambers.  A magnetic-inductive meter, it is highly accurate and stable and features a lower pressure drop than comparable mechanical water meters. It has a price advantage over mechanical meters, does not require filters and needs no cleaning. The Rilsan measuring tube is approved for potable water use. 
Brooks Instrument
The 4800 Series mass flowmeters and mass flow controllers now offer, in addition to analog and RS232 communications, Profibus or RS485, which is delivered in a small field-installable module that mounts directly on top of the 4800 Series device. The 4800 Series with Profibus supports both DPV0 cyclic and DPV1 acyclic data communication. It has a standard 9-pin female D-connector for signal and an M5 connector for power. Baud rates from 9,600 up to 12 M are supported. The 4800 Series with RS485 has a physical layer with proprietary "S-Protocol" based on the HART command set. It has a standard 15-pin male D-connector for signal and power. Baud rates from 1,200 to 38.4K are supported.
ABB Instrumentation
OriMaster is a one-piece flowmeter that comes fully factory configured and pressure tested. Suitable for clean liquids, gases and steam applications in line sizes from 1 in. to 8 in. (DN25 to DN200) and at pressures up to 1,450 psi (100 bar), OriMaster combines all the major components needed for an orifice plate installation in one assembly, typically cutting the cost of installation and commissioning by up to 50%. ABB offers two orifice bores for each pipe size. The flowmeter comes in two versions: one for volumetric readings (OriMaster V) and the other for mass flow (OriMaster M). Both have HART communications. OriMaster M has the additional options of Profibus PA, Foundation Fieldbus or Modbus communications.
Automation Products Group
LPU-2428 loop-powered ultrasonic level sensors from Automation Products Group Inc. (APG) are now CSA- certified for use in Class I, Div. 1, Groups C and D, and Class I, Zone 0, Group IIB hazardous locations. They feature microprocessor control to internally perform volume, flow and totalization calculations. They provide a 1-ft to 25-ft (0.3-m to 7.62-m) detection range on liquids and a 1-ft to 10-ft (0.3 m to 3.0 m) detection range on solids. They feature a rugged PVDF (Kynar) transducer housing and a PC/PET chemical-resistant sensor housing, operate in temperatures from -40 ºF to 140 ºF (-40 ºC to 60 ºC), and deliver 0.1 in. (2.5 mm) resolution with accuracy of ± 0.25% of the detected range and response time of 0.6 sec to 3 sec.
Moyno, Inc.
Moyno metering pump has new pumping elements and new, integral VFD/motor controls. The progressing cavity design results in a smooth flow free from pulsations and variations in velocity and volume to prevent material waste or mixture imbalance. Additional features include capacities from 0.1 GPH to 400 GPH, precise flow control at low RPM, stainless-steel bodies, on-site maintenance for reduced downtime, pressures to 300 psi and LED external displays. All models are capable of handling a wide variety of fluids from clean, clear liquids to abrasive, corrosive fluids, solids in suspension and viscous materials.
Hach Company
The Sigma flowmeter, Model 920, was designed for dual-channel or redundant collection system flow monitoring. It's ideal for either permanent or portable applications. Model 920 has multiple sensors for redundancy, averaging and multiple pipe monitoring, sampler pacing capabilities, and rainfall logging features available. Long battery life (over 90 days) reduces sites visits and an internal modem automates data retrieval and reporting.
Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter Type 8081 is designed for water monitoring applications where the flow has to be monitored with a high dynamic range, high accuracy, and where a lack of moving parts is mandatory. Intended for the measurement of water flows which may be slightly charged with contaminants, the transmitter consists of an electronic module and a brass fitting with a built-in measuring tube enabling a control loop to be established. The electrical connection is made via a 5-pin M12 fixed connector and can feature a pulse output or pulse output coupled with a 4-20 mA current output.
GF Piping Systems
Signet 8550 meters convert the signal from a Signet flow sensor into a 4 mA to 20 mA signal for long-distance transmission. Features include single- or dual-input/output, two optional relays for process control and scalability for virtually any flow range or engineering unit. The 8550 is available in three packaging options for maximum configuration flexibility: integral/pipe, universal field mount or panel installation. Performance characteristics include an operating temperature of -10 ºC to 70 ºC (14 ºF to 158 ºF), state-of-the-art electronic design for long-term reliability, signal stability and simple user setup and operation. 
The Echotel Model 355 two-wire ultrasonic transmitter for level, volume and open-channel flow applications is a family of loop-powered transmitters that features HART digital communications capabilities and DTMs for use in interfacing via PCs with PACTware. Echotel Model 355's other features include the capability to perform volume and open-channel flow in addition to level applications; menu-driven, four-push-button, two-line × 16-character LCD local user interface; temperature-compensated echo rejection profile capability; dynamic baseline noise compensation; common tank shapes and a 20-point table for easy volume configuration; extensive flume/weir support; and a generic equation mode for open-channel flow.