Going With the Flow

July 13, 2009
Control's Monthly Resource Guide. This Month Covering Flow Technology
This article was printed in CONTROL's July 2009 edition.

Every month, Control's editors take a specific product area, collect all the latest, significant tools we can find, and present them here to make your job easier. If you know of any tools and resources we didn't include, send them to [email protected], and we'll add them to the website.

Fluid Components International
The "Green Energy Applications Guide" from Fluid Components International (FCI) profiles nine green energy and pollution reduction applications, providing solutions to the complex challenges of obtaining accurate, reliable gas flow measurement within them. This free 12-page educational guide highlights critical factors that process and plant engineers must consider to achieve optimum flow meter performance, to minimize maintenance and to ensure long service life.

Omega Engineering
This basic introduction to flowmeter theory and operation contains a brief history of flowmeters, flow sensor selection and a discussion of accuracy versus repeatability. Other chapters cover differential pressure, mechanical and electronic and mass flowmeters.

Acadiana Flow Measurement Society
The Acadiana Flow Measurement Society offers an online library of white papers, magazine and journal articles, web sites and other references on flow subjects. It is divided into eight categories: electronic, gas and liquid flow measurement; regulatory issues; sampling/chromatography; Web sites; miscellaneous; and an archive or the society's newsletters.

Universal Flow Monitors
866/542 - 9641   
This online resource analyzes and compares flowmeter technologies in such areas as cost, accuracy, installation requirements, output type, on-unit display availability, power requirements, flow switching availability, rangability, fluid conductivity and response time. Technologies include vortex shedding, variable area, vane, Coriolis, differential pressure (averaging Pitot, elbow, flow nozzle, Laminar flow element, orifice, Pitot tube, venturi, wedge and roots), insertion mag, magnetic, paddlewheel, positive displacement (nutating disc, oscillating piston and oval gear), target, thermal, turbine, ultrasonic transit time, rotameter and ultrasonic doppler.

Flow Research, Inc.
Worldflow.com is a website of Flow Research. It contains both paid and free information on global flow markets and technologies, including both new and traditional flow technologies, types of fluid flows and flow research. A direct link is at www.worldflow.com. Scroll to the bottom of the home page for links to the knowledge websites.

Flow Network
This site contains a basic survey of various types of flowmeter technology, complete with diagrams and explanations of how each kind works, along with appropriate applications and price ranges. Included variable area (rotameters), rotating vane (paddle and turbine), positive displacement, differential pressure, vortex shedding, thermal dispersion, magnetic and thermal mass.

The Consumer's Guide to Magnetic Flowmeters by David W. Spitzer and Walt Boyes is an overview of the world's magnetic flowmeters, ranked by performance, instrument type and supplier. Tables include the types of flowmeters and selected features available from each supplier.

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