The Flow Report

July 13, 2007
Every month, CONTROL’s editors take a specific product area, collect all the latest, significant tools we can find, and present them here to make your job easier.

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Rotameter sizing program
RotaMASS/Rotameter sizing program allows users to enter their own process data and size either for the variable area Rotameters or the RotaMASS Coriolis mass flowmeters. The sizing program features a built-in fluid database for common industrial fluids and a configuration tool which allows users to size and configure RotaMASS or Rotameter products. The tools can be downloaded free at Yokogawa Corp. of America; 770/254-0400 Ext. 2549;

Easy to navigate
This website features automated application and product searches on the latest flowmeter technologies. It features on-demand keyword searches, application case studies, automated local sales rep search and customer support options. McCrometer; 800/220-2279;

Trends in gas flowmetering
Study explains how globalization is affecting the flowmeter/sensor market. It also discusses what impact the negative turndown that the United States and world economies have experienced since September 11, 2001 and explains the various flowmeter technologies. BCC Research; 781/489-7304;

DP flowmeter market
Research study entitled “The World Market for Differential Pressure (DP) Flowmeters and Primary Elements” shows that the worldwide market for DP flowmeters totaled $996 million in 2006 and will exceed one billion dollars in 2007. It states that the market was previously undervalued because only the value of DP transmitters had been counted toward the value of the DP flowmeter market. Flow Research; 781/245-3200;

Flowmeter programming chart
These pipe and velocity reference charts help ensure accurate programming and flowmeter calibration. The pipe reference chart provides wall-thickness, OD and ID for most pipe gauges, schedules and classes. The sonic velocity chart lists exact water values, for comparison to measured test readings after setup. Controlotron; 631/231-3600;

Flowmeter unstallation DVD
Free Rosemount Annubar flowmeter installation DVD covers multiple topics including: flowmeter location and orientation, mounting hardware connection and installation practices for various Annubar models (Pak-Lok, Flanged and Flo-Tap). The DVD is available in two versions (PAL and NTSC) that offer 10 language choices. Emerson Process Management, Rosemount; 800/999-9307;

Flowmeter information center
Web site functions as a virtual information source for flowmeter technologies. It provides a flowmeter selector tool with links to meter options for various types of flow streams and numerous industries. Users can click on the type of stream they need to measure and the industry related to their application. They are then linked to flowmeters in that category and then to instruments that best meet their needs in terms of performance and price. Universal Flow Monitors; 248/542-9635;

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