Brochure Reviews ABB products for Oil and Gas Well Pad Operations

July 9, 2014
"Be Productive. ABB Automation Intelligence. Wellhead to Worldwide Distribution" Explains Role of Totalflow RTUs

A new ABB brochure provides an overview of measurement and control products for oil and gas well pad operations.

The "Be productive. ABB Automation intelligence. Wellhead to worldwide distribution" brochure begins with a two-page spread graphic that shows a complex well pad operation with lists of ABB measurement products that may be applied to the various components, such as well heads, separators, fracking fluids, pump jacks, tank levels, storage, and gas transmission.

The brochure segues into the the various ABB products applicable to oil and gas well pad operations. It tabulates the many functions available grouped by such categories as computer interface, instrumentation, automation, and control.

It also explains the role of Totalflow RTUs for processing well pad data from primary measuring devices and for controlling pad operations.Well pads controlled by Totalflow RTUs are safe and smart, communicating logged and trended operational data to host systems, according to the brochure, Customers get real-time information that is both predictive and diagnostic.

The brochure notes that ABB offers a complete line of primary meters, transmitters and flow computers. In addition, ABB gas chromatographs provide low-cost, accurate solutions for measuring composition, heating value and process efficiency. ABB flow computers and RTUs scale up to meet changing industrial demands as smaller pad stations consolidate into mega facilities.

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