ISSYS Awarded New Sensor Patent

Oct. 7, 2011
The New Patent and Associated Technology Offers Improved Fluidic Sensor System Designs

Integrated Sensing Systems Inc. ( reports the U.S. Patent Office has granted it a utility patent (US 7,921,737) "Microfluidic Device and Method of Operation."

Dr. Nader Najafi, ISSYS's president and CEO, says, "The new patent and associated technology offers improved fluidic sensor system designs. This technology is already being used in chemical processing, biomedical devices and fuel cells. This reinforces other ISSYS patents on the design, packaging, fabrication and application of microtube-based sensors, giving ISSYS comprehensive IP protection and offering a competitive barrier to market entry."

Doug Sparks, ISSYS's executive vice president, adds that its new patent describes a resonant microtube design that is more resistant to packaging stress than previous designs. This new design enables the micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) chip to be mounted to low-cost plastic or smaller metal packages that might be subjected to torsional mounting stress.

These sensor chips are used by ISSYS to produce Coriolis mass flowmeters, density and chemical concentration sensors, fuel quality, drug infusion systems, fuel-cell concentration sensors and other devices.