FCI assists customers in meeting EPA greenhouse-gas reporting mandate

Oct. 8, 2009

SAN MARCOS, Calif.— Fluid Components International (FCI), a global supplier of thermal mass gas flow meters, has announced its Customer GHG Reporting Fast Track Initiative in response to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new mandate per 40 CFR part 98 that requires greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reporting effective January 1, 2010.

“To help our customers comply with the EPA’s new GHG reporting mandate, we have dedicated special gas flow meter application resources to assist them. We recognize that accurate measurement of greenhouse gas flow is important for compliance and the global environment, and are ready to do our part in helping our customers meet this challenge,” said Dan McQueen, President, FCI.

FCI’s new Customer GHG Reporting Fast Track Initiative is a three-prong program. A special toll-free GHG Hotline is now available at 1-800-863-8704, Ext 218 to answer flowmeter questions. The hotline will be answered by FCI’s Flow Meter Applications Group, which includes experts in GHG measurement and stack gas monitoring. 

A special GHG Reporting Web Page: fluidcomponents.com/Industrial/App/EPA-GHG-Mandate.asp is now live with FCI’s AVAL Gas Flow Meter Sizing Tool. AVAL is a simple online tool that assists process and plant engineers with proper flow meter selection.   In addition, Fast Track Order Expediting is available to ensure instrument deliveries prior to January 1, 2010.

The EPA’s new reporting mandate requires more than 10,000 facilities to report the annual mass flow of greenhouse gases from their operations. Process and environmental compliance engineers at many industrial plants will be challenged to provide accurate measurement of these gas flow emissions to ensure proper reporting and compliance. For many operations, actual GHG measurements are required and for others, actual measurement can provide the best available technology solution that ensures long-term, accurate compliance.  

The EPA’s new reporting mandate will provide a better understanding of where GHG’s are coming from and will guide development of the best possible policies and programs to reduce emissions. The data will also allow businesses to track their own emissions, compare them to similar facilities and provide assistance in identifying cost effective ways to reduce emissions. FCI gas mass flow meters can provide an accurate, low-cost and virtually maintenance-free solution for facilities required to instrument and measure the GHG emissions from their processes to comply with the mandate.