Emerson, Argosy Technologies partner on Russian flowmeter project

Feb. 28, 2008

Boulder, Co. -- Feb. 27 -- Emerson Process Management announced an agreement with Argosy Technologies, Ltd. to provide an integrated flow measurement and quality monitoring solution for upgrading oil separator systems, known as AGZU “Sputnik” separators, in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The solution, patented and certified by Russia’s GOST standard, is designed for automatic multiphase measurement and quality monitoring of hydrocarbon flow coming out right from the wellhead. The Argosy Technologies system, known as R-AT-MM measuring system, using Micro Motion Coriolis meters, delivers a total solution, including high accuracy data acquisition, accumulation, processing and communication.

Challenges facing customers in this upgrade process are identifying a solution that can be used in the rugged and diverse oil fields in the region and offers low maintenance and high reliability, yet is capable of providing accurate fiscal measurement of both the oil and the gas coming off of the AGZU Sputnik oil separator. Emerson’s Micro Motion Coriolis meter was chosen because it delivers extremely high measurement accuracy on both the liquid and gas flows coming from the separator, while offering extremely low maintenance, since it has no moving parts. 

“We are delighted to partner with Emerson on this project,” states Dr. Peter Mouler, President of Argosy Technologies, Ltd., “And we are extremely confident of the capabilities of the Micro Motion Coriolis meters to enable us to deliver exceptional results for our customers. Global service is key to our continued success, and Emerson’s support matches our capability through the important Russia and CIS regions.” 

In order to meet the new Russian GOST R 8-615-2005 requirements and also be able to provide a low-cost upgrade solution for the older, existing AGZU Sputniks in the field and new AGZU Sputniks for the new well sites, Argosy has undertaken substantial research and numerous field tests in the West Siberian region since 2003. Argosy engineers have found that the R-AT-MM system, which is based on Micro Motion Coriolis mass meters, Phase Dynamics water cut meters and the R-AT-MM controller, best serve the needs of these customers. Designed and produced by Argosy Technologies in Russia, more than 600 R-AT-MM upgrade systems have been installed and are successfully being operated by the major Russian oil and gas companies.