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Emerson's new X-ray system improves process availability

June 29, 2006
Half-million dollar X-ray system and expert in-house radiographers ensure that every weld meets the highest standards.
     Micro Motion X-ray System

Advanced X-ray equipment helps ensure Emerson's Micro Motion Coriolis meters meet quality requirements.

Emerson Process Management has announced the arrival and deployment of a new GE Titan 320 kV industrial X-ray system to inspect welds on Micro Motion Coriolis flow meters. Representing an investment of over a half-million dollars, this high-sensitivity, high-definition X-ray device is the company's most recent, non-destructive testing equipment available. 

When a customer or a device manufacturer wants to be certain that parts and assemblies are welded according to industry best practices or regulatory standards, it is common for the manufacturer to ship the welded device or component to a third-party inspector. While these inspectors follow regulated standards, interpretation of these standards can be subjective, resulting in unreliable quality control.

To remove this variability and ensure adherence to standards, Emerson reprotedly X-rays and inspects its Micro Motion Coriolis meters in its Boulder, Colorado and Chihuahua, Mexico manufacturing facilities according to rigorous interpretation of the standards. Both locations have the same equipment and capabilities. Rock Tanner, director of quality and engineering services at Emerson’s Micro Motion division, and an ACCP(1) Level III Nondestructive Testing Professional, leads a team of radiographers in the standards assurance procedure. 

“Customers occasionally order a flowmeter with weld inspection,” Tanner states. “By performing this inspection in-house and under qualified supervision, we are able to provide precise data that the device meets domestic and international regulatory requirements. Further, weld inspections give customers peace of mind that a critical process will not fail due to the flowmeter weld.”

In addition to customer-requested inspections, Emerson performs weld inspections for other purposes to make sure best practices are followed consistently. At least five percent of all Micro Motion flowmeters reportedly receive random X-ray weld inspections, ensuring that the quality of all welding equipment is regularly monitored. These random inspections, coupled with those requested by customers, result in the work of each welder (human and machine) being inspected more than once per month.

Other duties for the new X-ray system include inspecting incoming welded parts, components, or raw materials if there is any question about the quality of vendor-provided components. The component can be examined closely for flaws or to ascertain component integrity.