Yokogawa, Moore enter into Global Preferred vendor agreement

Oct. 13, 2005
Yokogawa will offer Moore's HART loop interface and monitor with its own HART multivariable transmitters and flowmeters.
Yokogawa Electric Corporation and Moore Industries-International, Inc. have signed a Global Preferred Vendor Agreement to offer Moore Industries’ HIM HART loop interface and monitor with Yokogawa’s HART multivariable transmitters and fowmeters. Under the agreement, Yokogawa will sell the application solutions that are realized when their mass flow instruments are used in combination with Moore Industries’ HIM HART loop interface and monitor. Moore Industries will provide sales, marketing and application support for the HIM to Yokogawa’s worldwide distribution channels.The HIM will most often be specified with Yokogawa’s EJX910A HART multivariable transmitter and digitalYEWFLO HART multivariable vortex flowmeter when interface with a non-HART communicating control system is required. Installed transparently across the transmitter’s 4-20mA HART loop, the HIM extracts up to three of the smart transmitter’s process variable measurements (such as mass flow, differential pressure, static pressure or process temperature) by reading the HART digital data that rides on the loop wires. It converts the digital data to isolated analog (4-20mA) signals ready for direct input to a non-HART communicating DCS or PLC.