Yokogawa and Honeywell promote fieldbus open standard

April 27, 2005


n support of the fieldbus open standard promoting the digital integration of field instruments and control systems, Yokogawa has announced that it's joining the Honeywell PKS Advantage program, a collaborative program by which third party field instrument vendors are integrating their products with Honeywell control systems.

Honeywell will distribute Yokogawa's field instruments integrated with Honeywell control systems. Yokogawa's collaboration with the program will include the company's digital YEWFLO vortex flowmeters, EJX SIL2/3 certified safety pressure transmitters, and the YVP Advanced Valve Positioner, along with its ValveNavi software.

These devices will be integrated into Honeywell's Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS). Yokogawa and Honeywell will integrate Yokogawa's vortex flowmeters with Honeywell's Asset Manager software in the first quarter of 2005. For more information, go to www.yokogawa.com or call 770-254-0400.