Itron is First U.S. Company Accredited to Perform Meter Inspections on Behalf of Measurement Canada

Aug. 13, 2004
Itron Inc. has received accreditation from Measurement Canada to inspect and seal electricity and natural gas meters at the company's Oconee, S.C. factory for direct shipments to Canadian utilities. Itron is the first company outside of Canada to gain such accreditation. In addition, Canada has granted the CENTRON electronic singlephase meter a 10-year initial seal period allowing the meter to remain in the field for 10 years prior to sampling for accuracy. The CENTRON is the first electronic meter to be granted an extended initial seal period. Historically, Measurement Canada required Canadian government inspectors performing all the sealing and inspection of gas and electricity meters for Canadian markets. However, in the last two years, the Canadian government modified the conditions for accreditation allowing metering manufacturers outside of Canada to be accredited. Itron applied for accreditation last year.  For more information visit