Coriolis Mass Flowmeter will Measure Liquids, Gases

June 2, 2014
This Small, Dual-Bent-Tube, Self-Draining Coriolis Mass Flowmeter, Rota Mass LR, is Due to be Released on Aug. 15.

This small, dual-bent-tube, self-draining Coriolis mass flowmeter, Rota Mass LR, is due to be released on Aug. 15. It will measure both liquids and gases and has an effective turndown of no less than 2,000:1 for liquids and 5,000:1 for gases. Its mass flow measurement range spans from 10.5 g/h up to 40 kg/h, achieving a measurement accuracy of +-0.15% reading for liquids and +-0.5% for gases.