Emerson's Raptor Tank Gauging System

Jan. 7, 2011
Raptor system helps refineries and bulk liquid storage plants handle the ever-increasing demands on efficiency, accuracy, and safety.

The Raptor system consists of a complete range of tank gauging instrumentation including high performance, non-contact radar level gauges, temperature and pressure transmitters plus water interface sensors and inventory management software. Tank hubs are used to communicate with the measuring instruments and control room via standard communication protocols. The design is based on open technology and is fully scalable with functionality and scope that can be adapted to any application and performance class.
The system includes a new 2-in-1 safety functionality—with two independent radar gauges in one single enclosure—providing SIL 3 safety for overfill prevention. There are also a number of other dual redundant configurations available to suit individual tank safety requirements.

Raptor’s unique, bus-powered 2-wire Tankbus communication is based on self-configuring FOUNDATIONTM fieldbus technology, allowing easy start-up and integration of all system units. The tank units are intrinsically safe, which means no expensive cable conduits are required. Communication to the control room can be made using Modbus over most existing cabling, or using other fieldbus standards.