Space-saving digital output module

Aug. 3, 2010
Siemens Industry, Inc. has introduced the new space-saving Simatic SM 326 F-DO 10 failsafe digital output module. Designed to interface with Siemens ET200M modular I/O stations and S7-300 and S7-400 safety-rated controllers, the new 24V/2A output module is only 40mm wide -- half the width of previous models.The module improves system availability and eliminates nuisance-tripping with a "hold last value option" and by isolating faults to individual channels.Enhanced diagnostic capabilities make the SM 326- FDO 10 well-suited for all safety applications. The module's diagnostic capabilities have been extended to include both de-energized and energized to trip functions, which make it a cost-effective option for applications following fire and gas standards EN54 and NFPA72. Designed for operator convenience, the module has the flexibility to support multiple types of I/O while still achieving up to a SIL 3 rating, even in mixed (standard and safety) configurations.The SM 326-FDO 10 features 10 outputs, isolated in groups of five. Each module has an output current of 2A per channel and a rated-load voltage of 24V DC. With built-in protection against short-circuit and overload, the module is suitable for magnetic valves, DC contactors and pilot lamp applications.