Prosoft Technology's Version 2.5 Upgrade for Flow Computers

May 9, 2008
Upgrade for Rockwell Automation platforms


Version 2.05 upgrade for the inRAX line of single-slot in-chassis chassis flow computers for Rockwell Automation platforms are full-function in-rack flow computers that offer an integrated solution tied directly into the backplane of the controller. The modules act as an add-on calculator to the processor without burdening the PLC/PAC with complicated flow algorithms. Version 2.05 modules now provide Modbus dictionary, multi-meter runs and data archival/event logging. Modules support the following Rockwell Autoamtion platforms: ControlLogix (MV156-AFC), SLC 500 (MV146-AFC), PLC-5 (MV171-AFC) and CompactLogix (MV169-AFC).