Sept. 18, 2006
Flowmeter accurately measures liquids in closed conduits
Single-Mag Flowmeter
Marsh single-mag flowmeter accurately measures liquid flows in closed conduits of municipal water and wastewater, and industrial flow processes. The flowmeter serves in pressurized line applications from 2-96 in. with a flow accuracy of ±2% of reading, ±0 stability at -3 to +10 ft./sec over a wide flow range of -5 to +20 ft/sec. It measures pressures up to 250 psi and temperatures up to 160º F (71ºC) in stainless steel pipes. Sensors have advanced polyurethane insertion tubes for harsh environments. Electronics are enclosed in a NEMA 4X/IP65 compliant enclosure with separate termination and electronics compartments. 

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