July 24, 2006
Flow meter for industrial water and wastewater
V2 System Flow Meter
V2 system flow meter features built-in flow conditioning for industrial process or plant water and wastewater applications. The system shines in line sizes from 4-18 in., and comes ready to install with a built-in three-way valve that isolates the transmitter from the process fluid flow for easy maintenance without shutting down the pipeline. It is wet-flow calibrated and measures flow over a flow range from 40-7500 gal./min., depending on the line size. The system's cone conditions fluid flow to provide a stable flow profile that increases accuracy. The cone interacts with the fluid flow and reshapes the velocity profile to create a lower pressure region immediately downstream. Central position in the line optimizes the velocity of the liquid flow at the point of measurement. The result is a highly stable flow profile for measurement accuracy from ±1% with ±0.1% repeatability over a wide flow range of 10:1.

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